Programmatic Marketing

What is Programmatic Marketing?

The day has come…brace yourself, we’re about to chat all things programmatic. Much like the high school days of trigonometry, there appears to be a sadistic undertone to the difficulty in describing programmatic marketing. Here at Unify, we love a challenge, so let’s give it a crack.     What

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Using computer for ecommerce

E-commerce: The Pillar of Modern Retail

What is e-commerce?   Well, it’s pretty basic – any buying or selling of goods and services over the internet falls under the umbrella of e-commerce. For most businesses, e-commerce has given them a viable and efficient way of selling their products and services, it’s even been vital in developing

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The Art of Copywriting
Content Marketing

The Art of Copywriting

Sharp, refined copy sets the tone for a business. Wherever it’s positioned – website, social media, eDM – copy associated with your brand reflects your brand. Language is emotive; two similar words can evoke polarising responses from a reader. How do you utilise copywriting to not only help solidify your

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Social Media Marketing
digital marketing

Social Media: The Cornerstone of Modern Marketing

I’m about to tell you some old, but still timely, news in the marketing world – social media is EVERYTHING. In our parents’ and grandparents’ time, it was a big deal to advertise in the first few pages of the newspaper – you’d made it as a business to be

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