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E-commerce: The Pillar of Modern Retail

What is e-commerce?


Well, it’s pretty basic – any buying or selling of goods and services over the internet falls under the umbrella of e-commerce. For most businesses, e-commerce has given them a viable and efficient way of selling their products and services, it’s even been vital in developing whole industries.


Uber, eBay, Amazon, are some of the big companies that have made their name, and their business, off the back of the e-commerce boom. It’s even predicted that by 2040, 95% of all purchases will be made through e-commerce. This means that mastering e-commerce is essential for a business’s survival, let alone their success and growth.



Making e-commerce work for your business.


Much of what has made e-commerce such a force in sales is convenience. We’re living busier and busier lives and it’s just easier to purchase what we need online. What this means for a business, however, is that the consumer wants the most streamlined, convenient experience.


The ease of navigation across your website is key. You only have a few seconds for a potential customer to find what they’re looking for, before they click elsewhere. Informative and engaging copy spread throughout the site is a major factor in retaining a consumer. Here at Unify, we feel so strongly about the importance of great copy that we offer our own copywriting services, so we can ensure successful e-commerce outcomes.


A refined and easy-to-use online shop is another key ingredient to e-commerce success. You don’t want to overwhelm the buyer; you want to make their experience as convenient as possible. We’ve worked with many of our clients to give feedback and positive steps in improving their website’s interface and online store.





But wait…how do I get them on my website in the first place?


You could have the greatest website, the most user-friendly interface anyone has ever seen, yet it’s pointless if you don’t have any traffic to utilise it. The most influential ways of directing traffic to your site are through social advertisements such as Google or Facebook ads, as well as priority placement on search platforms.


What we specialise with here at Unify is creating these adverts and using data-driven insights to be able to link a business with the most appropriate and energised clientele. This is a fluid process, meaning that it never reaches a final destination. As the data comes in, we continuously refine our insights, using this knowledge to test and implement new ideas. This creates greater lead generation and profitable outcomes for the client. In the world of e-commerce, nothing is static. It’s perpetual effort that keeps a business ahead of the crowd.



Continuous evolution…


With e-commerce there’s never going to be a basic step-by-step process for success – if it could be encapsulated in one article, it would’ve been done by now. E-commerce is constantly evolving and changing – as you get a footing in one area, the ground beneath you shifts itself. At the end of the day, it’s about convenience for the consumer. In the contemporary market, consumers are used to giving minimal effort and gaining maximum outcomes. No matter the business, the priority for a company should always be consumer convenience, and this spans across all sectors of your advertising: search, social and programmatic. Razor-sharp copy and a clean, user-friendly interface are a must as well.




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